Work For Us

Pharon are always seeking staff that will meet or can be trained to meet their exacting standards. Persons already in the industry will hold a minimum qualification of the Financial Planning Certificate, progressing towards level 4 Diploma Status, or equivalent.

New entrants will need to demonstrate a good educational qualification in English and Mathematics.

Pharon’s reputation as trainers is based on an established, well designed training programme.

  • We will provide education and training to further your career path.
  • We will expect you to study for further qualifications.
  • We will pay examination and training costs.
  • We reward success in examinations with salary increments.

To apply or to find out details of any vacancies please write to Robbie Cragg, Finance & HR Manager, enclosing your CV and a statement of why you feel you are suitable for the role:

Pharon IFA
Lawrence House
Summer Hill