Self Invested Pensions

What is a Self Invested Pension?

This type of pension is usually used by the Self Employed and Controlling Directors and those individuals wishing to maximise Pension drawdown facilities at retirement age.

Why is a Self Invested Pension Plan used?

There are three main reasons:

  • To enable investment control to remain with you the plan owner rather than giving your funds to an insurance company. This means
    • You can use your pension plan to buy Commercial property which can be used by your business
    • You can in some cases lend part of the pension fund back to your company
    • You can invest in a virtually unlimited range of quoted stocks shares and other equity instruments
    • You can invest at the most attractive deposit rates
  • To reduce the cost of scheme management and thereby enhance benefits.
  • A cost effective and flexible plan is needed to maximise Pension Income Drawdown at retirement.

The Pharon Expertise

Pharon have been acknowledged expert practitioners in this area since 1978 and are regularly recommended by accountants, solicitors and bank managers as providing the technical expertise combined with years of applied experience in Self Invested Pension Management.

How large does a scheme need to be?

Do not assume the accepted wisdom that Self Invested Pensions are too expensive for small pension funds. Ask for our advice.