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The use of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is acknowledged as the most successful way to obtain Financial Advice for Individuals, Businesses and Trusts.  This is because the advice provided is unbiased and based upon the specific needs of that client.  As the range of services and products available cover the whole market it ensures that the objectives of the client are met.

The most important feature of the services provided by an IFA is the quality of the advice.  As detailed on our qualification page of the website, Pharon can demonstrate a record of highly trained staff.  This is both in respect of advisory staff, but also staff providing support to the advisers.  This is an outstanding achievement, which is rarely replicated in our industry.
Pharon is acknowledged as one of the leading Independent Financial Adviser firms in the South East of England and has established a reputation for high quality advice since its foundation in 1973.

The pages that follow give a flavour of the services offered BUT advice cannot be obtained from a Website but by personal discussion so please contact us today on 01227 787000 or use the web enquiry service by clicking here.